Ultimate 7 Candle Reuse Ideas & Removing The Wax

Ultimate 7 Candle Reuse Ideas & Removing The Wax

Candles can immediately make a very small apartment or house feel like an actual home or at least the start of one. The scent sets the mood! The vibrant burn comes to an end in each vessel after 30-50 hours if you know how to make it last, but the fun doesn’t stop here! Here we will tell you 7 amazing ways on how to reuse glass jars. The candle jar may be the perfect additional piece of home decor your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen needed. We recognise that candle glassware can have many lives from food storage to household storage.

So you first have to remove the remaining wax from the jar, how do you remove wax? We have 3 easy ways that actually work!

1. Freeze the Candle Wax

Temperatures below freezing point harden and shrink wax, making it very easy to remove with a cloth. Place your candle container in the freezer until it reaches the freezing point. The wax and metal wick holder should fall right out.

IMG 8595

2. Use Boiling Water

Remove as much wax as you can with a butter knife or spoon. Place your candle jar on a flat surface and pour boiling water into the container, leaving approximately 1cm of room at the top. The boiling water will melt and the remaining wax will rise to the surface. Let the water cool and remove the wax.

IMG 8598

3. Use the Oven

This method is best if you have several jars to remove wax from. After removing as much wax as you can, place the jars upside down on a tray with baking paper underneath. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and set that timer for 15 minutes. Remove the pan and place on a heat-safe surface. With a thick towel, hold the jar and remove the wax with a paper towel. Once they have cooled down, give them a wash with some soapy water.

IMG 8590

Now that we covered that we can detail our 7 ultimate candle reuse ideas.

1. Store them Loose Items

Like many of us, we have 8 lip balms, 5 make-up brushes that always disappear and vary in sizes, 10 lipsticks that if you don’t keep in a certain spot you’ll never find and about 300 bobby pins. We have the perfect storage option, that doesn’t cost a thing (this is your justification for the expense of the candle, haha)

IMG 5803

2. Put away them Expensive Vases Forever

The repurposing of a candle as a vase, in my opinion, is very smart, vases only ever take space and may barely be used. I know I would rather purchase a Sparkling Scent Ring Candle than a bunch of flowers that you hope will last more than 5 days. In the case of using a candle container as a vase you don’t have to fill it with a bunch of flowers for it too set the mood, it can only fit a small amount, this small amount can just be garden picked flowers because they don’t need long stems.

IMG 8597

3. Small Planter Pots

With our current obsession with succulents and small vibrant flowering plants, they come in the perfect size to become your latest leafy addition to the home. You’ll almost never have enough glass jars to reuse because you have so many succs. One thing to make sure of, don’t over water.

IMG 5808

4. Pencil Pots for your Desk

Sitting at your desk without your favourite candle lit… nope not me, not your either? (let me know in the comments). If so, doesn’t it make sense to have the jars repurposed and used for all the pens, pencils, rulers?  

fff 2

5. Kitchen Timber Utensils & Scrubbers

Just moved into your new place? Or just like to have a trendy recycled use of candle jars. This is perfect, stack all your kitchen tub scrubbers & utensils in your candle jar. Doesn’t it just set a nice mood?

IMG 8594

6. The Bathroom Basics

Cotton earbuds & cotton balls, always trying to find the perfect spot ceiled away, these French Gala Candle Jars are perfect for these two, you’ll have them on a show! I’ve always liked to have my makeup mads with sample fragrance sprays in the final jar.

IMG 5799IMG 5801

7. Ring Jar

To us at Sparkling Scent, if you do not have a ring holder, this is the most important. As you know, our products include rings within them valued between $90 – $5000. If you don’t have a special spot for these elegant dazzling rings just yet, grab the jar you found this sparkle within from and place all your rings in that vessel.

IMG 8589

Well there we have it, we fell that out of all the other ideas we have all seen, these are the 7 that will actually get used. Make sure to tag us in your crafty creations or comment them bellow, whether the same or different.

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    Best Tips for reuse a candle. Thanks for sharing with us.

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